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Cisco video survelliance solutions builds safer workplace for Fergusson group globally.

Ferguson Group Ltd is one of the world’s leading suppliers of containers, accommodations, and workspace modules for the offshore, energy industry. Ferguson Group is concerned about the standardization of physical security across its global bases, particularly for the provision of day-and-night digital surveillance on the large, valuable equipment in its ports and storage yards. For years their headquarters in Scotland relied on an analog video security system that wasn’t meeting their needs in terms of image quality and remote accessibility. The companys board members were often travelling between bases, and wanted to be able to check back on facilities from any networked location, even from an iPad. That simply wasnt possible with an analog system. The Ferguson Group team thought far beyond cameras and door hardware. They also needed to consider the security and reliability of the network on which camera images and access history would be transmitted and stored. After scouting the market they finalised with Cisco. Only Cisco could provide them with a total combination of Cisco IP video cameras, door readers, firewalls, and routers, all available globally with the highest levels of vendor support. Supervisors on the Ferguson network can now access live, high-quality footage on a laptop or mobile device. They can even review recorded footage as neccessary Cisco Physical access gateways provides IP connected door locks and readers throughout the facility. Finally the Cisco solution helps enable managers to keep employees and contractors safe while holding them more accountable. Is your content lying idle on your website/blog? We put your content to work.
Cisco video survelliance solutions builds safer workplace for Fergusson group globally. Reviewed by Anand Radhakrishnan on 3:00:00 AM Rating: 5
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