Saturday, March 15, 2014

5 reasons why you should sign up for Valve Solutions B2B digital marketing services.

Now that you are convinced that most of your B2B customers spend more time online than offline, it makes sense to get their attention online. So should you build your own presence or leverage a shared platform? we just hope this post will clarify some of those doubts and help you make better decisions. 1. Building your own B2B digital presence will cost you time and money: Thats right! we have been around for 4years and it has taken us tons of efforts and money to reach, engage, nurture and build relationships across social media. Over the years we have been able to establish trust, credibility among our audience as a global B2B brand. We help you tell your B2B customer success story to over 1000,000+ global relevant audience each month improving your inbound lead quality by over 90%. 2. The audience is focussed around select business verticals: At Valve Solutions over the years we have established credibility across business verticals in IT, ITES, Manufacturing, Industrial Automation, Process Automation, Oil & Gas, Energy, Pharmaceuticals, Petrochemicals, Construction. This way you can be sure to reach out to the right people rather than getting many irrelevant B2B leads through SEO, SEM, Pay per click ads. 3. The audience profile are the very same people you want to meet offline: At Valve Solutions we strive to reach more end users, department heads, buyers, decision makers, consultants who are seeking solutions to their many challenges in their respective areas of work. Research has shown B2B buyers are more likely to respond to case studies, success stories which establish proven track record and credibility rather than keyword search results. 4. Reach global markets, industry, audience on a budget: At Valve Solutions we are solving one of the bigger challenges for many businesses that want to go global viz; building awareness, getting visibility in developed markets. Our geographical reach is 50%USA 30%Europe 20%Asia. This way you can first generate demand and quality inbound B2B leads on a budget before making major expenses on foreign travel and setting up global offices. 5. You can focus on the other 80% while we work on the 20% of your business: More and more B2B companies have taken to digital marketing than ever before spending more time and money building inhouse, outsourcing in the process losing focus on building their core business. At Valve Solutions our online digital marketing software will ensure you get quality inbound leads while you focus on the bigger challenges at work. Click here to view product demo Do signup to avail pre-launch promotional offer.