Thursday, December 18, 2014

How B2B Content can move your customer from awareness to action.

While many years have gone by and times have changed, little did we realise that the big industrial revolution is now replaced by the information revolution. Most people have very quickly adopted to this digital age flashing their smartphones and tablets all over the place. If you dont believe me lets do a quick check, When was the last time you used email to get in touch with your friend? Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin they are all there right! all you need is to tap your phone and bingo the job is done. "90% of all the digital data in the world has come out in the last few years", if that is not a burst of information then what is. So if your a B2B business and is not putting information out there, you will cease to exist over a few years. Thanks to social media, mobiles and tablets that has got us feeding frenzy trying to suck up all the information in the world all on our devices. Coming to the business end of all of this, information is now available to your buyers, end users, customers all at the click of a mouse. Thanks to Google, you could now find information about everything you need "just google it". Speaking from a marketing perspective every business out there has to put out information that is meaningful to the reader. Customer success stories, whitepapers in the form of blog posts, videos, power point etc can be highly effective in creating awareness about your products or services, building trust and credibility. "85% of the worlds buyers, endusers, customers can be reached through social media." Just like you research ten times before you buy that new smartphone the same emotion goes into every B2B buying cycle. Now if you tell me we have a website and all our content is on your website, let me remind you that your website is lost in this digital ocean and it is just an online business card for people to find you. The digital content on your website does not travel you need to keep pushing it across across social media so that it is found by your target audience and not just lost in the vastness of the digital world. We at VALVE SOLUTIONS are launching a B2B Content Marketing cloud solution. We promote your content on our share ready social media channels built around your audience so that SME's need not build their own social media channels and community which can take a few years and lots of money. For more details Signup for our Pre-launch offer "75% of the B2B buying cycle is completed online before your sales team gets involved" thus B2B Content can move the customer from awareness to action

Monday, November 24, 2014

How Toshiba acquired global customers online with B2B Content marketing.

. Socialselling is the new order of B2B marketing in a social, mobile, digital world. So what exactly is Socialselling? It is estimated that by 2020 over 50% of B2B sales will be channeled through social media. Toshiba an engineering giant set out to do just this in 2011. They realised the power of social media and how the word of mouth marketing was being amplified many times. Toshiba introduced a concept called "Smart Community", to increase awareness and promote their renewable energies business, they decided to adopt a digital strategy. Selling Electricity, Water, Traffic lights & Healthcare was by no imaginable standards a sexy business to appeal to onliners as perceived by most unsexy B2B business even today. As per a recent reserach finding by Forrester "75% of the B2B buying cycle happens online even before the sales team is involved". Toshiba did a keyword search for "Smart Community" as most B2B buyers would do and found that their competitors had showed up. They set up social media channels and started sharing posts in an attempt to increase traffic to their websites, SEO and search engine rankings but none of this brought in quality leads and increased sales. They were following the B2C model of digital marketing, SEO, and were quick to figure out "B2B buyers are researching your success not your products" In 2013 Toshiba did a rethink with a B2B Content marketing strategy complete with blog posts, case studies, whitepapers, power point presentations. They used effective social media marketing tools including Linkedin's paid sponsored content to showcase how their products had transformed business to their target audience. Soon they had quality inbound leads filling up sales pipeline and were acquiring new customers across the world. "Toshibas showcase page also acquired over 160K followers on Linkedin". Well it did take Toshiba some years and lots of money to succeed online. So how do other unsexy SME's go about leveraging a B2B content marketing strategy? without having to build their own social media community.+VALVESOLUTIONS set out to do just that. We followed a similiar path like Toshiba in 2011 and over the last 3 years have built a focussed target audience of over 15000+ across all our social media channels. We are now building a cloud based share ready platform so that SME's can follow a similiar approach to showcase their content to for demand generation, qualified inbound leads and analytics.Signup here for Pre-launch promotional offer