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Siemens Sitrans FM MAG 8000 offers wireless solutions for improved productivity in the water industry.

The water industry is increasingly dependent on mobile technology to maximize productivity in the most efficient manner possible. Siemens is proud to offer the most accurate and compact wireless solution on the market the MAG 8000 water meters. The wireless communication module logs all flow measurement data from the MAG 8000 and transmits it to a designated recipient via email or SMS at customizable intervals throughout the day. This has resulted in optimized flow performance and maximized productivity. The MAG 8000 automatically keeps the operator up-to-date regardless of location and makes it possible to change the settings without visiting the site. Some of the salient features are it is the only GSM/GPRS module to utilize an open-integration OPC server for data storage and viewing, eliminating the need for costly and complex proprietary software. The dust and waterproof nature of the IP68 enclosure ensures durability and flexibility in installation. GSM/GPRS communication module features the same power management concept as the MAG 8000. This includes the ability to calculate total system consumption. The innovative battery arrangement ensures a long lifetime of up to 7 years for the standard lithium batteries despite added power demands. Water being a vital resource to the human population, the environment and the global economy, it is paramount to ensure the continuous preservation of this valuable commodity. The battery-operated MAG 8000 electromagnetic flowmeters from Siemens are the preferred solution for such varied tasks as water distribution, revenue metering and crop irrigation. DOWNLOAD VALVE SOLUTIONS APP. WANT TO PROMOTE YOUR PRODUCT? FEEDBACK @anand_rkrishnan
Siemens Sitrans FM MAG 8000 offers wireless solutions for improved productivity in the water industry. Reviewed by Anand Radhakrishnan on 11:08:00 PM Rating: 5
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