Thursday, March 28, 2013

ABB drives improves energy efficiency, saving GBP 68,000 each year for Tata Steel, UK.

The Tata Steel plant in Rotherham, South Yorkshire,UK manufactures speciality steels for industries with demanding applications in aerospace, oil and gas, power generation and steels for the industrial bearings industry. The steel plant production process involves hot steel billets which are cut by a gas cutter, generating scrap material that flakes off the billet. This process is driven by three 90 kW flume flush pumps which are used to flush water across the billet to carry this scrap away. However the process runs only two 90 kW flume flush pumps continuously with the third pump on standby. The filtration process removes the scrap and the filtered water is then pumped back into the process through a holding tank, termed as a clear well by two 75 kW filter feed pumps. All these pumps were originally driven by motors running direct-on-line, with no form of variable speed control. Tata Steel were looking for a safe, efficient solution to cut down on high energy consumption without compromising plant reliability. They got in touch with Halcyon Drives an ABB Drives Alliance member who in turn supplied, installed and commissioned three, 90 kW and two 75 kW ABB industrial drives to control the pumps. Rated at IP55 to stop the ingress of dust and moisture, the drives with in-built intelligent pump function, multi-pump control, ensured that the optimum number of pumps were running to satisfy the process demand, besides a backup pump would kick in online in the event of a pump failure. All this resulted in improved safety, reliability and efficiency of the steel plant with energy savings in excess of GBP68,000 each year. DOWNLOAD VALVE SOLUTIONS APP. WANT TO PROMOTE YOUR PRODUCT? FEEDBACK @anand_rkrishnan

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Metso's valve solutions improve safety, efficiency and reliability of GoBiGas plant, Sweden.

GoBiGas is a major biomass gasification plant for Göteborg Energi AB, Sweden. The plant is currently being built by Metso Power and is the first of its kind in the world. This plant converts biomass into renewable biomethane gas, using the existing natural gas grid for distribution. GoBiGas focuses on producing biomethane through gasification of biofuels and forest residues. The gasification system, together with the subsequent methanation and gas up-grading system, will produce high-calorific gas, biomethane, for distribution in the existing gas grid. GoBigas were looking to maximize process and operational reliability in addition to high production efficiency of the plant. They turned to Metso to supply the state-of-the-art control and on-off valves together with intelligent and safety valve controllers for both the gasification and the Methanation part of the GoBiGas project. Metso valve solutions with their intelligent valve controllers featuring performance diagnostics and improved diagnostics data resulted in improved plant safety and minimizing the operational and maintenance costs of the valves. Metso supplied Finetrol eccentric rotary plug control valve, Butterfly valves, Neles RotaryGlobe valves, Segment and Ball valves, 145 intelligent controllers Neles ND9100 and about 60 new generation safety valve controllers Neles ValvGuardTM VG9000. GoBiGas thus achieved its objectives of ensuring safety, accuracy, and reliability together with reduced process variability. DOWNLOAD VALVE SOLUTIONS APP. WANT TO PROMOTE YOUR PRODUCT? FEEDBACK @anand_rkrishnan

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Honeywells HC900 process automation solutions boosts plant efficiency, reliability and safety of Micro Inks Ltd.

Micro Inks Ltd, the largest supplier of printing inks to the newspaper industry in India with a 70% market share was looking to automate one of their plants that manufactures resins and varnishes. They assigned the task to their systems integrator M/s Artee flow controls to work around the challenges of boosting plant efficiency, reliability and improving safety standards. In seeking to control an exothermic process, it required a system that would allow precise control of the process. It also required a solution that was scalable to allow for future expansion. Finally, it wanted a web-based solution that would allow users throughout the business to view key information on different applications. Despite previous projects relying on competitors’ solutions, MIL agreed to Artee Flow Control’s proposal of a Honeywell system for the project.The system proposed was based on Honeywell’s HC900 Hybrid Controller, its advanced process and logic solution Experion HS. Honeywell’s solution based on its Experion PKS DCS tailored to the needs of small to medium-sized automation systems and eServer, which uses distributed system architecture (DSA) to provide web-based access to the Experion system. Since the HC900 is available in three rack sizes and three CPU performance levels, it can handle a wide range of automation requirements. While facilitating precise control of the exothermic process, its features mirror those of the DCS, making it easy to use for operators, engineers and maintenance crews. Finally, while meeting all of the plant’s requirements, the total capital cost of the project came in at a 15 per cent lower than other competitor’s alternative solutions.DOWNLOAD VALVE SOLUTIONS APP. WANT TO PROMOTE YOUR PRODUCT? FEEDBACK @anand_rkrishnan

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Valve Solutions 100th blog post, over 1000 days with 10000+ members globally.

Amrutha Technologies was a startup in its early days in 2009 and i couldnt afford to hire highly paid sales professionals to cover the length and breadth of the country. So i decided to leverage digital media in an attempt to reach more people, educate and influence them with product solutions to their problems in the industry. Soon i started sending out blog posts to all my clients and end users who soon turned out to be much interested in what i had to say, almost seeking my advice to their complex problems. Gradually i began to feel the energy of my blog posts which converted into phone calls, got me appointments and valuable enquiries. This experience further boosted my confidence as what i was experiencing was the power of 10 sales guys all bundled up in my blog VALVE SOLUTIONS. By now i was steadily building an audience across all social media channels Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube & Slideshare which added to the buzz. I realized i had created something very innovative which was more effective in communicating, reaching the right people and could in someway offer solutions, establish trust, credibility and confidence in my services. I thus built VALVE SOLUTIONS into a global B2B digital marketing platform to do product marketing online across business verticals in flow, controls, process automation and Industrial automation and the associated industry ecosystem that feeds on it. Today with over 50000+ unique visitors globally on our blog, we like to thank all our readers, fans, subscribers and hope you keep coming back. DOWNLOAD VALVE SOLUTIONS APP. WANT TO PROMOTE YOUR PRODUCT? FEEDBACK @anand_rkrishnan