Friday, November 23, 2012

Fisher EWT valves with Cavitrol trim improves cogeneration plant reliability, productivity and profitability.

A large cogeneration plant in the US providing electricity to a large city were having frequent problems with some of their critical valves. The Dearator level control, for example, is a demanding application that requires valves to handle high flows, high pressure drops (165 psid), and potentially damaging cavitation. The existing rotary valves had experienced control problems and needed trim replacements at least once a year. The annual maintenance bill for one of these valves and cost to company was estimated at $100,000. During an asset management upgrade at the cogeneration plant site, engineers from Novaspect analyzed the application. Selecting a control valve required an analysis of the change in pressure drop across the valve as a function of the unit load. They recommended a replacement, Fisher valve with built-in protection against cavitation. Plant managers agreed to instal a new Fisher EWT sliding stem valve with a 585C actuator, two-stage Cavitrol III trim. The results of this exercise at the cogeneration plant improved valve monitoring and plant reliability. Eliminated cavitation and the need for frequent trim replacement.Finally they managed savings close to USD200,000 in unplanned breakdown, repairs and frequent inspections. DOWNLOAD VALVE SOLUTIONS APP. WANT TO PROMOTE YOUR PRODUCT? FEEDBACK @anand_rkrishnan

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Metso's Valve Manager diagnostics improve safety and profitability of offshore plants.

Actionable data is increasing in tera bytes across large processes in oil and gas plants offshore globally. The new Metso Valve Manager diagnostics tool built for offshore applications has helped break down this data in a more user friendly software application which can be used for real time predictive analysis of any asset in the field. The new Metso Valve Manager will further assist in predicitive maintenance of valves, planning major turnarounds including requirements for repairs, replacements including spares. They will also play a major role in building records for safety audits offshore. Some of the key salient features of the Metso Valve Manager diagnostic tool include providing real-time operational and maintenance data to onshore expert data centers, thereby reducing the cost and risk of offshore staffing. Remotely monitor performance of field assets and take corrective action. Data sharing with relevant authorities across geographies. Enable device optimization to ensure profitable operations. Identify changes in equipment performance to proactively resolve problems and avoid process disturbances. Finally The Metso Valve Manager is a value addition diagnostic tool to any Oil and gas offshore plant with huge benefits in safety and overall profitability of operations. DOWNLOAD VALVE SOLUTIONS APP. WANT TO PROMOTE YOUR PRODUCT? FEEDBACK @anand_rkrishnan

Monday, November 5, 2012

Rockwell Automation's Stratix 5700 switch innovates with industrial switching technology from Cisco

Rockwell Automation along with Cisco iOS technology have built a highly scalable, compact-sized Allen-Bradley Stratix 5700 industrial Ethernet switch. This industrial switch is built to meet a broad range of switching capabilities from entry-level, machine-builder applications through converged or IT-ready integrated user solutions. With Internet rapidly transforming the manufacturing industry, where the physical manufacturing line is accessed and monitored through an intelligent network to help manufacturers better manage production quality and costs. Using the latest industrial switching technology from Cisco, the Stratix 5700 switch from Rockwell Automation offers high availability, Quality of Service, remote-access security, and automated monitoring to provide the best factory network capability. This technology collaboration between Rockwell Automation and Cisco is not only an indication of a major role technology is playing in todays manufacturing age but also the most valuable resource in the industry. This innovative technology is helping manufacturers improve business performance by bridging the technical and cultural gaps between the plant floor and higher level information systems using EtherNet/IP. Finally the Stratix 5700 switch contains many popular features that are in use today by IT and controls organizations that deploy standard, unmodified Ethernet, with settings optimized for use in EtherNet/IP applications. DOWNLOAD VALVE SOLUTIONS APP. WANT TO PROMOTE YOUR PRODUCT? FEEDBACK @anand_rkrishnan