Monday, September 26, 2011

Rotork valve actuators at the Olympic Park Energy Centre

Rotork IQT and IQTM direct drive quarter-turn actuators are operating isolating and modulating butterfly valves in plant that will provide heating, cooling and electricity to buildings on the Olympic Park and Athletes’ Village. Applications include the air conditioning chillers, where special linkages have been designed to enable single actuators to operate two valves simultaneously. For some duties actuators are also equipped with battery packs to enable operation in the event of a mains power failure.

Rotork IQT and IQTM actuators feature an IP68 watertight enclosure with non-intrusive setting, commissioning and interrogation technologies. Integral data loggers enable effective asset management programmes to be implemented, helping to maximise plant utilisation and minimise the risk of unexpected plant interruptions. SUBSCRIBE to our blog for the latest posts. DOWNLOAD VALVE SOLUTIONS APP.VISIT OUR WEBPAGE

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Flowserve Announces Limitorque QXM Smart Valve Actuator

The Limitorque QXM is designed for rising stem valve applications, including choke valves and small control valves in the upstream oil and gas, water, fossil fuel and renewable power markets. Important features of the Limitorque QXM include:
• The QXM is a smart electronic valve actuator available with either 6.5 total turns, or a maximum of 20 total drive sleeve turns. This is especially important for small valves that require limited travel and maximum control.
• The QXM encoder employs system-on-chip technology which permits redundant, 12-bit resolution over 20 total turns, or an accuracy of less than two degrees of drive sleeve rotation. This redundancy is part of the built-in self-test feature of all Limitorque smart actuators. This positioning resolution makes the QXM one of the most accurate actuators on the market today.
• The QXM utilizes an innovative brushless direct current (BLDC) voltage motor. This motor design meets most global voltage requirements. This unique feature is an advanced technology that helps eliminate sparks, reduce mechanical and electrical noise, and dissipate heat better than direct-current motors with brushes. The brushless motor is designed to last longer than conventional motors and allows for more accurate positioning. The BLDC motor, in conjunction with the absolute encoder, helps provide the precision users are demanding in their processes. DOWNLOAD VALVE SOLUTIONS APP.VISIT OUR WEBPAGE

Tyco Flow Control Announces New M30 Series Primary Isolation Instrument Root Valve for Tough Oil Field Applications

Tyco Flow Control, a unit of Tyco International, today announced the expansion of its Anderson Greenwood instrument valve line, introducing the new M30 series primary isolation instrumentation root valve. This state-of-the-art valve series was created to provide a large-bore isolation valve to handle particularly hostile environments and processes including high temperatures and pressures, while providing excellent seating capabilities.

The M30 series includes single block (M37), block and bleed (M38), as well as double block and bleed (M39) functions built into one compact modular single valve body. This eliminates the need for field assembly and testing of conventional valve and fitting stacks while reducing leak points. The M30 series save time, space and money.DOWNLOAD VALVE SOLUTIONS APP.VISIT OUR WEBPAGE