Friday, May 27, 2011

Indian foundries face expansion challenges

Despite the fact that India is placed second in casting production around the world, the foundry units in India are struggling to expand at a reasonable pace. There are approximately 5000 to 6000 foundry units in India, all in the business of melting metals and casting into assorted shapes. The Institute of Indian Foundry men maintains that the issue stems from complex official procedures, shortage of skilled manpower and electricity tariffs. The inability to expand has created a wide gap between the available capacity and the demand in the domestic market. Inorder to fill the gap the industry has to double itself every five years at a minimum.
The 59th Indian foundry Congress was organized in Chandigarh to address the concern
of foundry units and persuade entrepreneurs to make investments in the foundry units.
Held february 11th, 2011. The three day fair coupled with IFEX and Cast India Expo exhibitions aimed to sway entrepreneurs, policy makers and others to work together
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