Wednesday, March 9, 2011

WALWORTH API 6D Trunnion mounted ball valves

The Walworth Ball valve is designed with a continuous full bore which allows passage of fluids while avoiding turbulence and fluid pressure drop through the valve. The ball valve design with steel Trunnions and Teflon Moly coated steel bearings assure low operating torque. Some of the additional design features of the WALWORTH ball valve are as listed below:

Blow Out Proof Stem The lower end of the stem has an integral T shape design to be blow out proof.
Anti-Static Device A spring loaded grounding ball ensures the electrical continuity between the opening and closing of the valve.
Fire Safe Design The gaskets and stem seals are long lasting and resistant to high temperature. However the seat has a secondary metal to metal seal
which minimizes leaks in case of erosion of the seat seal or fire.
Emergency Seal System For 6" and greater the valves are supplied
with a stem sealant fitting and a seat sealant fitting for each seat. Internal or external leaks may be eliminated by injecting plastic packing through the stem sealant fitting or light grease selant through the seat sealant fitting. Each sealant fitting has a double ball check valve under each fitting that eliminates
the back pressure due to the internal pressure.
Double Block and Bleed WALWORTH Trunnion ball valves provide a positive seal at both upstream and downstream independently. Since pressure on each side of the ball is blocked from the body cavity,a pressure releasing device can be
used by an operator to check the integrity of the upstream and down stream seats. SUBSCRIBE to our blog for the latest posts. BUY this link Visit our webpage