Monday, November 15, 2010

Cameron T31 Max High efficiency fully welded ball valve

During one my recent visits to the ADIPEC Expo 2010 in Abu Dhabi i had the opportunity to see a cut section model of the fully seal welded Cameron ball valve.
I was much delighted to learn the 60yr old design of the Cameron fully welded ball valve. Mr.Jithesh Babu at the Cameroon booth was kind enough to offer me a live demo on the operation of this valve. The seat to ball contact is maintained by belleville springs at low pressure and sealing contact is ensured by line pressure. Automatic relief of body cavity pressure takes place when the pressure exceeds the downstream line pressure by approximately 200psi, this causes the downstream seat to move away from the ball relieving pressure. Finally whats most interesting is the rotating seat rings which are provided in valve sizes of 350mm and larger. the equal wear or sealing surfaces takes place every time the valve is closed by a dog and chuck mechanism as both seat rings rotate about 15deg exposing a new pinch point. This being the point of maximum wear every time the valve is seated close and unseated open. An additional feature of the rotating seats is that of breaking away any sediment build up between the sealing surfaces. This design is truly a marvel. SUBSCRIBE to our blog for the latest posts. BUY this link Visit our webpage