Friday, October 1, 2010

Metso - Just added intelligence to control valve modernization

Control valve modernization is surely going one step ahead with adding Intelligence to the control of process flow. However it surely comes at a steep price. Metso recently identified the benefits of control valve modernization as below

1. Improved control valve accuracy.
2. Increased control valve reliability and availability, because potential valve failures can be predicted.
3.Seamless integration to modern DCS systems, which releases hidden intelligence in the valve controllers.
4.Enables process optimization during plant run time because online control valve performance monitoring always offers up to date information about control valve performance.
5.Enhanced maintenance efficiency, because maintenance actions can be targeted only at control valves that actually need maintenance. investment payback within months.

Finally several factors such as valve type and nominal size together with control valve condition affect valve modernization investment. However with an accurate payback time it certainly seems to be the trend going ahead. SUBSCRIBE to our blog for the latest posts. BUY this link Visit our webpage