Monday, March 15, 2010

Preventive maintenance programs in process plants can result in increased revenues

Having spent quite many years in the engineering services with regards to flow products in downstream manufacturing plants, i am a firm believer that an effective preventive maintenance program in Oil & Gas, Refining & Petrochemicals, Energy plants can reduce frequent downtime and increase plant productivity. Some of the basic steps with regards to Industrial Valves would be to regularly cycle the valves so as to avoid any deposition or corossion of sealing faces. It is very essential that the drain valves are flushed out from time to time. Repacking valves regularly over a pre-determined period can eliminate scoring of stems and seizure of valve. Torquing the gland nuts to the manufacturer specified value can drastically reduce the occurrence of hard to operate valves. As far as relief valves are concerned an annual trend of set pressure adjustment and testing of these valves can eliminate failure in operation of relief valves. Control valves being the most intelligent of the lot also need attention. Repacking & torquing of gland nuts are also an essential element with regards to control valves. Failure of pneumatic actuators can be largely due to wear and tear of soft parts, which many operations people overlook until it has actually failed. Such failures can be drastically reduced by following an annual trend of maintenance which may include stroke checking and proactively replacing soft parts and instrument accessories if any before failure.

Finally it is highly reccomended to replace OEM spares/soft parts of valves and actuators in critical circuit from time to time before failure and never compromise the same by using a local equivalent. At Amrutha Technologies our sales team can source and assist you in maintaining a sizeable stock of International OEM branded spares & soft parts for your day to day requirements. SUBSCRIBE to our blog for the latest posts. BUY this link Visit our webpage