Friday, December 18, 2009

Remote programming & diagnosis via fieldbus using FDT/DTM technology

The development of fieldbus technology was initiated by
the idea that instead of providing separate wiring for each
signal to be transmitted within a process area, all information
for a large number of devices should be sent via a common
two-wire system. This allowed a one to one realisation of the
functionality of the conventionally wired system.
The further development of fieldbus protocols and the
increasingly intelligent field devices provide the framework for
a variety of additional bus-supported functionalities. This
includes remote programming and diagnosis of all connected
devices by the bus itself via a central computer. For these
functionalites, FDT/DTM is the state-of-the-art technology.
The FDT/DTM concept can be used with any bus protocol

What is a DTM?
A DTM (Device Type Manager) can be compared to a
printer driver. Similar to the installation of a printer driver on
a computer which enables the controlling and programming
of the printer via the computer (e.g. selection of the paper
tray), it is only after the installation of a DTM in an engineer-
ing tool that the respective fieldbus device can be accessed
via the computer. The DTM contains specific information on
the field device and is supplied by the field device manufac-

FDT interface
FDT (Field Device Tool) is an open interface specification
which has been developed independent of the manufac-
turer.FDT is designed for the open integration of field devices
with different fieldbus interfaces made by different manu-
facturers into operating software, engineering and asset
management tools.

An engineering or maintenance tool is installed on a cen-
tral computer connected to the bus with objective of gaining
access to the operation parameters of all field devices on the
bus, e.g. to read the operation parameters of the field
devices for diagnostic purposes. These programs have an FDT

Device DTMs have to be installed to be able to communi-
cate with the device types connected to the bus. The device
DTMs are provided by the device manufacturer and can be
ordered via the Internet, for example.
The installation of a DTM is simple. Not only the function
of the DTM but also the installation is almost identical to that
of a printer driver. After installing the device DTM and assign-
ing the correct fieldbus address, all device parameters and
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