Wednesday, January 18, 2012

ASCO Stainless Steel Pilot Valves overcome sticky Offshore Applications

ASCO has introduced the 8361 series of stainless steel pilot valves. The ASCO 8361 Series’ innovative, highly reliable, and proven T-seal technology resists the dormancy issues that plague current valves using O-ring seals. O-ring designs can stick upon actuation in low-cycle demand control valve applications in offshore and oil and gas production facilities. The ASCO 8361 series (¼-inch, 3-way and 316L stainless steel) valves are offered in manually operated, air-piloted, and solenoid-piloted versions. They can be configured as breathing and nonbreathing. The ASCO non-breathing version isolates internal components from the atmosphere and is internally vented, preventing contaminants such as salt and dust to enter the valve and corrode internal components. In addition, the ASCO valve’s innovative pilot-selector design allows the same unit to be used as an internally or externally piloted solenoid valve. Every aspect of this ASCO valve has been designed for the highest reliability, minimal maintenance, and lowest cost of ownership. The ASCO valve’s body is made entirely in 316L stainless steel, and the stainless steel springs are designed for corrosion resistance and severe service beyond 1 million cycles. DOWNLOAD VALVE SOLUTIONS APP. WANT TO PROMOTE YOUR PRODUCT? FEEDBACK @anand_rkrishnan

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

El-O-Matic actuators are truly a fit and forget in their class

El-O-Matic quarter turn rotary pneumatic actuators are available in both double acting and single acting versions.The El-O-Matic range of pneumatic actuators are designed in such a way that there are no moving parts on the outside apart from the position indicator. This makes them safe, easy to install and virtually maintenance free. The El-O-Matic actuators have a unique cast aluminium alloy body and a two component polyurethane paint finish, ensuring many years of faithful performance against harsh environments. In addition, actuators are built inclusive of features that are well proven in their required application environments.The compact rack and pinion construction means that actuators are lightweight and occupy a minimum amount of space, allowing users to install them in any orientation between close pipe configurations.The ability of the El-O-Matic actuator to automatically return the valve to its failsafe position upon air failure provides the vital link for ultimate system safety and shut down. The El-O-Matic spring return actuators contain modular spring cartridges, which enable them to be easily configured, by adding or subtracting individual springs, to provide combinations that cover a wide variety of torque capabilities under different supply pressures and operating parameters.Finally the robust, corrosion resistant design offers an easy to install actuator which functions faithfully giving many years of dependable performance. DOWNLOAD VALVE SOLUTIONS APP. WANT TO PROMOTE YOUR PRODUCT? FEEDBACK @anand_rkrishnan