Sunday, June 24, 2012

Endress+Hauser offers complete energy management solutions

Gas, steam or water circuits that provide specific forms of energy to the operating process can be found in all branches of industry. Cold and hot water, compressed air, natural gas, electricity and steam are just a few of the media whose production, distribution and consumption incur ever-increasing energy costs. It must therefore be the aim of every company to efficiently use and monitor their energy use in order to reduce these costs.Endress+Hauser has one of the world’s most comprehensive range of measurement and control technology products right from energy consumption and plant efficiency. This includes Consulting, engineering, project management, sophisticated measuring technology, data transmission through to software for energy monitoring. Endress+Hauser claims the right device installed correctly at the right place permits the accurate metering of flow, pressure, temperature and other important process values. The outstanding field accuracy and long-term stability of Endress+Hauser devices form the basis for all subsequent evaluations, analysis and planned energy saving measures. Their modular and open energy management system guarantees seamless integration of many different components, such as flowmeters, electricity and gas meters,data loggers, energy computers and recording devices. The data is transferred via HART as well as fieldbuses(PROFIBUS, FOUNDATION Fieldbus, MODBUS,EtherNet/IP) or wirelessly if the measuring point is difficult to access. DOWNLOAD VALVE SOLUTIONS APP. WANT TO PROMOTE YOUR PRODUCT? FEEDBACK @anand_rkrishnan

Monday, June 11, 2012

Rockwell automation Plant PAx process automation system, optimises hydroelectric generation.

The Box Canyon Dam and its four hydroelectric generators have straddled a narrow section of Washington state’s second-largest river, the Pend Oreille (Pond-er-ray).The state public utility built and operates the 80-megawatt-capacity hydro plant, which today provides renewable energy to 8,500 customers. This public utility company implemented Rockwell automations plant PAx automation systems. Most major hydroelectric plants generate electricity by systematically controlling the release of stored water behind a dam. However the box Canyon is a run-of-the-river hydro plant, meaning the flow of water from upstream sources drives the submerged turbines. Control is critical at the Box Canyon to maintain the delicate balance between optimal power generation and the river’s natural ecosystem. Seasonal rains, melting snowpack and other natural forces put pressure on the Box Canyon. However the public utility company had to ensure the state protected the lands behind the box canyon, as they were natures treasures. Rockwells PAx Plant automation system effectively monitored and controlled the turbine and generator systems to improve plant efficiency. As a result troubleshooting became easier as operators could detect and correct problems earlier. This remote monitoring control also reduced manpower and travel costs considerably.DOWNLOAD VALVE SOLUTIONS APP. WANT TO PROMOTE YOUR PRODUCT? FEEDBACK @anand_rkrishnan