Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Velan are leaders in the Coker valve business

Coker ball valves or switch valves as they are often called are by far a very critical flow equipment in the Coker business. Many refineries could be stranded and production could be down for days in event of failure of Coker isolation ball valves in the coker drum circuit be it 2-way or 4-way valves. Velan has pioneered the design of this product to be market leaders. Velan coker ball valves are a dynamic design which can handle temperature, pressure parameters of the coke media very effectively. Coke solidifies at room temperature and many a time service guys could be pulling their hair out in the event of a valve getting fully coked up.Having trained at Velans Montreal factory, I remember interacting with one of the design engineers Mike Jacobs on the Coker ball valve. He explained how they had to build in a steam purging system to prevent the bellows, liners & end covers from coking up and at the same time ensure that the steam did not mix with the process media. The bellows continue to maintain even sealing pressure between the seat ring and the ball and allow for self correction in the event of any wear or tear on the sealing surfaces of the ball and seat ring. I have yet to see another manufacturer who can build such a dynamic product. SUBSCRIBE to our blog for the latest posts. BUY this link Visit our webpage